A martello tower outing

Glad of feednback and suggestions
Mavic Air 1: edited with Da Vinci resolve and sound by Bensound.com.



Some lovely shots there.
My one comment on the editing is to think about using mixes (dissolves) more sparingly. If you keep an eye out you’ll notice that in TV dramas / movies, mixes are very rarely used - mostly just to show passing of time.

In particuarly, a mix between 2 shots moving in different directions can often look ugly.

Of course, it’s a matter of taste so if you like them that’s what matters. But to my eye the #1 giveaway for an amateur edit is too many mixes.

Nice use of music.

This adds the Coastal Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

Lovely shots, it brings back memories when I walked down there with my wife. Just an observation, the circling shot of the tower made me a little Dizzy due to the speed you went round the tower at. Possibly for dramatic effect, take off near the tower and pull backwards for a ‘reveal’ shot at just how close the tower is to the shore line then add a slow circle. Fabulous video, thanks for sharing.