A Milestone

… for me anyway :slight_smile: I was out with the MA this morning and it was very still so I thought I would risk the ceiling height. It got up to 393ft and GO4 stopped it in it’s tracks, obviously country linked for the CAA limit. The most I’d dared before that was 200ft. Probably be the only time I ever try it.

There was something that I wanted to film but to get close to it would take a 3 mile walk and it is also owned by English Heritage. From my position and according to google maps it was 3000ft as the crow flies and this was across water, marshland, and a farmers field. I managed to get to 2097ft before I bottled it!! My wife was with me and she was saying ‘bring it back I can’t see it’

I could have gone further as it had the battery life, no wind warnings, and no loss of signal… but my ring was puckering :anger:


It’s funny but it’s not the height that worries me, I regularly go to 400ft. It’s the distance. The furthest distance from home that I have flown my MA, according to my AirData logs, is 1,200 and then I bottled it!

I do intend to find the right location to go further soon…

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I’ve been well over 3km (with a standard setup) without any issues, and without much concern.
Video breakup will happen before loss of control (theoretically :wink: ), and if control is lost just switch the RC off and RTH brings it back home.

I have to confess I’ve never tried RTH by switching the RC off at that distance … but I’ve hit the RTH button at that distance and it works fine. So, a disconnect RTH should behave identically … once it’s waited the allotted time after disconnect. A few seconds, or something.

I regularly hit the 400m ceiling, as per @BrianB it’s not the height that worries me.

When I flew my first ever flight beyond VLOS I remember thinking to myself, “this is it mate… if something happens you’re never getting the drone back”…

I needn’t have worried.

But I still do :rofl:

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I will push it further at another time but only when I know I have a better chance of getting it back should anything go wrong. The water and marshland bricked it for me, that said I am pleased that I pushed it further than I have before.

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@BrianB @PingSpike I generally stick to around 200ft, with Norfolk being so flat you can generally see The Shard at 200ft :wink: Plus the wind starts getting up a bit of speed at that height


Ah, yes, very good point mate :+1:

I should probably add, I only venture up that high on really still days :blush:

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Think the highest I’ve been to is 400m … just for the sake of it.
As you say, after about 150m you don’t really get to see a lot more over normal terrain.

These were taken @ 400m over the campsite I stayed in near Alberobello, in Puglia, southern Italy.


I wanted to join the mile high club so did in France last year, I wanted to do a panorama from up there but the battery started acting all weird, so I just went up, grabbed a few stills then a video of the descent.


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