A morning with the DJi Pocket 2

Received the Pocket 2 yesterday, after charging this morning I took it along the canal.
I know I need to delve into the settings and educate myself with using this unit to its best advantage.
I’m pleased with the results so far and I hope it complements with footage from the drones.


Many thanks for posting. I am considering buying this, already having the DJI Osmo for a couple of years and admiring the way it handles user movement. However, this footage shows a disappointing amount of “bounce” as you walk.

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I guess @MA2flyer hasn’t learnt “the walk” yet :slight_smile:


I was feeling confident all was going to go well - I hadn’t taken into account that the section of canal we were walking along was very heavy underfoot and the mud was raising the height of my heels and giving me a Basil Fawlty walk.

Now the truth is I need to walk the walk. :blush: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for the comments and it’s pleasing to learn to use something so modern at my age!

agreed …the bounce wasnt any less than my OSMO … lovely quality however. Not sure i want to walk the walk with these when the whole point is you shouldnt have to … is it any better on a selfie stick?

Thanks for responding.
I have to say I leave it to people younger than myself to take those.
Having looked at various blogs etc I think I might have to invest in a motorised skateboard. :skateboard: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Screw the pocket onto them hold it over your shoulder as you walk …gives a lovely perspective a bit higher …and cycle with it … :wink: you arent that old …

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