A Near Disaster

Failed to set my take off point, and decided to use RTH, but took my eye off my drone, then realised where it was and saw it disappearing below the sea wall.
Ok “I panicked” as the video will show. Only just saved it. If it had landed there was no way I could get down there and retrieve it.
Lesson, Always Check Home position, Make sure you know where the drone is.


I’m looking and I’m not seeing :face_with_monocle:

Glad you saved it. :raised_hands:t4:

Sorry having problems with sending video . Any tips please.

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Upload your video to YouTube then copy and paste the link here on its own line.

/Your video link here/

GA doesn’t support direct uploads, you have to use a host.




“Your home point has been updated. Please check it on the map.”

The trouble is, when things happen so often you start to tune them out and ignore them.

I’ve certainly had a couple of flights where I hadn’t even noticed the home point hadn’t been set. I don’t usually use RTH, but if I’d needed it I would have been stuffed.

I need a better pre-flight check routine (and discipline).

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Another disaster or this same one ?


Hope this works

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Think the only time I’ve used it is to show off to the public.
Look what my drone can do… It comes back all on its own :smiley: :joy:


I had a similar experience. I took off from the foot of a steep sided gorge to try to film some soaring eagles but the drone only picked up a gps signal when it was near the top of the gorge. Goodness knows what would have happened if I had RTH’d to a position about 45m above ground level!

Did my near disaster video come through. Thanks.

Did you upload the video to YouTube @Maxpower ?

If so, you can just copy/paste the link to the video in to a reply here and we’ll be able to see it then.

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Well I thought I did, but I dont normally use Utube ,only for watching things. I dont have a Premium Account, so its new ground for me. Ill keep trying.


Under the video you have uploaded to YT hit the share button. This will produce a link. Click copy link or right click copy.

Come back here and in a new post right click and paste the link. Whallah :ok_hand:t4:

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Hi Can you try this link please.

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Yay! You pasted the link :ok_hand:t4: Nice one.

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Same one