A Non Flying Newbie Taking the Plunge

Well yesterday I joined the group and today I bought my first drone. I couldn’t resist Black Friday deals on Amazon. So I bought The Mini 2 Fly More Kit, a set of prop guards, a launching mat and a 128 GB card. It’s all due to arrive this Friday. Can’t believe I’ve done it. Excited. Can I ask what should I do now before it arrives? Things like insurance etc.


Register with CAA, take the test, pay your £10, get your Operator’s and Flyer’s IDs, stick them on the drone somewhere. Join FPVUK for £20 a year and you’ll get £5,000,000 of insurance.
Then practice, practice, practice! and enjoy!


Congrats on the purchase @TristantheDog - an excellent choice of drone.

While waiting, go here to see where you want to fly:

Go here to see if you can fly there:

And go here for all the available insurance options:

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Hi Simon,

Welcome to GADC

Download the manual and read it several times. Install the Fly app on your phone. Both available here:

While you are at it sign up for Airdata. It’s free and will work as a very detailed flight log

Find Ian in London on YouTube and subscribe to his videos - watch those about Mini2 especially. Ian is a member here. @ianinlondon

Join FPVUK, twenty quid a year, worth it just for the £5 million public liability insurance alone but there are several other benefits as well for your money. The head honcho, Simon is a member here too and very approachable @FPVUK

Look at the members’ map. There are several in your part of the world and, like the vast majority of us in here, friendly :slight_smile:

Once you have the beast in your hands go and fly in a big empty field for the first few tries. Very boring but it will build your confidence quickly.

Stay away from trees!

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Deffo this! They move when they’re not being watched

And dont use the prop guards outside by the way, indoors only. The slightest wind will have you in a spin, welcome to the club.

Welcome to GADC Simon
You have already been given the best advice by previous posts.
There are lots and lots of very knowledgeable people on here who are always ready to help and advise.
Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question and the “search” function on the forum is your best friend when looking for help.

Hi Simon - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Apply Atti mode, it’s wind season. Welcome to GADC.

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Ignore him!

He has lost more drones than most of us have in our collections! :slight_smile:

Contrary to popular belief, I have only lost one drone :+1:

… but have had several crashes :woozy_face:

Hi All thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. I’m counting the hours until arrival. My better half is still in shock that I’ve bought the kit. I usually hum and haa for months before doing anything. I’m off now to look at all the links you sent and enjoy some more of the posts :+1:

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Congrats Simon, big fun coming you way. Might be an idea to download the free UAV forecast app, this to a certain extent will let you know when it’s safe to fly

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Thanks for asking this. I’m in the same boat, a dji mini 3 pro on the way. I think the learning curve to come may be steep!, but I’m looking forward to it.

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Hi Welcome to the club…
I was recommended on here to get the same drone… I love it…