A Parrot, a Crow & the Infamous Crash - Big Meet 2023

A video from Friday and Saturday (sorry about the colour changes, but wanted to fill out the track!) Just a little fly around with the AOS5/O3, saw a wing to chase (@callum for a bit just after 1 min in), a flag, a crow, and then the crash where the flight ended up at the back of the @Foley 's tent on his laptop! Fortunately no one hurt (missed by not much!) and no damage to their stuff, unfortunately as I disarmed you don’t see a lot. The video ends with it heading that way, from quite a distance. Having watched it more and more, I would never have disarmed if I hadn’t seen tents getting larger in the goggles! That looked so easy to recover… damnit!


Like to add, I didn’t chase the parrot quite as long as I wanted to as the speed difference (esp. me at a 45 degree camera angle), struggled to keep it slow enough! Didn’t even know he was up there.

Blinking guy lines from gates!


Great bit of wing chasing @gunja99 :smiley:


Great video, should be posted in the Big Meet Artistic Video competition.

Great ending, hopefully not the end of the drone.

Bugger I need to go digital.


It’s not the end. In hospital now due to weekend of XS (think fine!) Haha. Otherwise be on to DJI! Either camera or new cable! Simples if had spares, but O3 isn’t something have spares of lol at 200 quid a pop

@Steviegeek :laughing:

In hospital now due to weekend of XS (think fine!)

Crap you ok mate ?

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I’m good but a fun day in hosptial. I had some electric/shooting pains in arm and chest early hours of Monday, which woke and scared me for a while. Booked in for GP, went in this morning told me to go A&E.

Had a number of ECG’s, few blood tests, chest x-ray, etc. Anyways, explained the weekend to the consultant when all the results were in, and she went through everything, and included the line “well you obviously didn’t drink enough round that fire, as your liver function is fine”. Anyways, all blobs, clots, indicators in normal range, kidneys, liver, infection, etc, etc. So I’ve had a good MOT, and nearly recovered my sleep back! Better stop video editing really :wink: All good. Just went out at 9:45, and didn’t get in till 19:00. All staff fantastic, and the A&E SDEC has been upgraded! Fun times…


I honestly thought you meant the drone. :laughing:


The drone in a worse state than me. actually physically it looks fine. Will get onto DJI tomorrow, see if they can help :wink:


So did I! Might be the midges? I’ve felt rough since the weekend

Yeah right, not the 700 can/bottles of beer we drank?!

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Are you sure? :thinking:

I’m only an hour north of you mate, shout if you need anything and I’ll head down.


Aww cheers mate, but yeah I feel fine honestly now… trying to learn davinci watching 100 youtube tutorials, trying to put some effort in. I did freeze frame in the last one, and animated text in fusion, currently fighting with trackers, and why they sod off all over the place :wink:


Although maybe that is the line that @clinkadink took :slight_smile:

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Shit mate, that’s not good. Glad you had it checked out.

Maybe unrelated, but there were hundreds of cases in Oxfordshire of Thunderstorm-Asthma on Sunday night / Monday morning. It’s been all of the news today. People ending up in A&E, apparently due to severe pollen count and lack of oxygen :exploding_head:

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My oxygen was actually alright at 98%, all day, who knows, but yeah heatr, lack of water, etc, etc put it down to!

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Yeah, I was feeling ropey due to heat, cider and midges. But then I am Welsh and can handle it :laughing:

:running_man: :dash:


yeah wouldn’t make you do silly things like leave a £400 drone in a field!

Glad youre alright mate, youll have to lay off the beer for a couple days to recuperate

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