A Puzzle for me - Is it for you?

A few photo’s of some bits (all new) I found in a box. I “believe” they’re from a self-build drone project. Am I right?

Can anyone put a reasonable and realistic value on them?

Would anyone like to buy them?

Dji f450 frame sunny sky motor and Simon k esc…

Seriously old school kit… total value is almost nothing. Sorry


Thank you @Wyntrblue you’ve given me exactly what I wanted. Honest, clear and from the hip. Much appreciated.

I would build it if I were you. Only need a flight controller and radio gear. Shouldn’t cost a lot and would good for a laugh

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Sadly, I haven’y got the foggiest. Seriously…

Second-hand prices:

It looks like a DJI 450 clone frame £10-15

4 small motors possibly 2212 920kv - £30

4 30amp ESCs - £30

4 cheap plastic props and a pair of battery straps - £4

Other people may differ in their opinions. If the parts were genuine DJI then they would be worth a little more but at the very least the bits you have there will need a flight controller, battery, receiver and transmitter to complete and, optionally a camera - either FRV with transmitter and receiver or a GoPro style in a cheap gimbal. By the time you have spent around £250 or more you will have a quad that will take a fair amount of setting up and tweaking that will be well outperformed by a secondhand, ready-to-fly Phantom 2 or 3 from eBay.

But that is just my opinion :nerd_face:

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Almost at the back of the loft cupboard we have this. They’re compatible aren’t they?

Again value please just for a guide. I know ultimately it’s what someone’s willing to pay but thanks for your contribution guys.

A very good make, not very common over here. Cheapest new I found was £269 plus post but that included 2 receivers. Take a look at this review to get an idea of what it’s capable of.

I would stick it on eBay at £99 start plus post and see what happens. Make sure it charges up ok after it’s been dormant for a while!

As for compatibility, you don’t yet have anything for it to be compatible with. You need a receiver on the UAV to accept its commands.

It has nine channels, for a UAV four are used for up/down, yaw, left/right and forward/back. Then you have channels spare for gimbal, flight mode, landing gear etc. Although the transmitter has nine channels you only need a receiver with the number of channels you will be using, for a simple quad six is sufficient.

Have another root around in the loft :sunglasses:


I concur. Me Lord.

Cheers lads. I’ll let you know what happens. Won’t get round to it until Monday though…

Those aren’t sunny sky motors so probably worth at most £5 each second hand. I bought a box of bits like that in April. 2 frames 8 motors 3 flight controllers, 4 receivers loads of props, 2 telemetry sets. 2 fpv tx’s . Plus other bits. I paid £30 inc postage. So that’s an indication of what they are worth.

@stevesb Did you manage to make anything out of the bits?

Not advertised anywhere apart from on here yet, so ‘No, not yet’

I’m part way through building a F450 fpv quad which I can use with my existing tx , a cheap action camera and my existing 3s batteries. Just need some goggles.

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My DJI goggles are for sale but currently held for another member’s approval when the weather clears. Probably not compatible with you video TX anyway…

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Thanks, but I will be looking for some fatsharks when the time comes. For the amount of use they will get I don’t want to be spending a fortune. Not that yours will be. :grinning:

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