A quick jaunt to Hayling Island


Managed to find time to have a run down to Hayling Island this afternoon. Wasn’t in the air too long…my hands and feet were beginning to lose sensation but it was nice to get the M2P back in the air, the first time since early October.
The video was shot on the M2P and Osmo Pocket, both in 4k 24p. There has been no colour correction/grading/exposure adjustment, everything in the video was as it came out of the cameras which both had ND8 filters on. I know at times it might look a little underexposed but it was a very grey, miserable feeling January day and I think the footage reflects that. To be honest, I did not want to adjust the exposure in post as the filters helped bring out some of the definition in the clouds. Hardly a Hollywood masterpiece but it felt good to be flying again especially after all of the recent nonsense surrounding LGW & LHR.

A drone outing

Nice! Love the shot looking down onto the waves!


@Sweetbaboo99 great video, I fly regularly on Hayling but never in that location, so now another to add to my list!


Thanks. It was actually one of your videos that made me decide to go to Hayling. As I have mentioned before on Grey Arrows, my biggest problem (apart from finding time) is knowing/finding somewhere to fly in relative peace without touring the south of England. As it was, yesterday still equated to a 50 mile round trip.


Nice video! The details in the roller-coaster are fascinating from some of those perspectives.

Also - this video get you the Coastal Flyer badge on your profile. :+1:


Very nice video. It’s years since I’ve been there.


Worth a visit as there a few good flying locations



Cheers, @Sweetbaboo99 , thanks @scorps for forwarding this.
Now charging batteries like a madman! In Drone photography I’m definitely what you can call a noob or a newbie as they say in the gaming world…:slight_smile:

Hopefully I will have something to show later.


great vid there love the different aspects of the roller coaster:grinning: