A short video at Ladybower Reservoir, Hope Valley

Amazing Scenery, great place to spend the day out! This is one of the most peaceful place in peak district. We went there at Thursday early morning it was very quite. My friend was gonna fly his drone under the bridge (mavic air) but for some reason the MA just stopped front of it and he could not really control it, start to turn, go up higher then wanted to land on the water. He almost lost it. Be careful at the bridge.
Mavic Air and Osmo Pocket


Nice, driven past it many a time on the way upto some of the edges. Captured the place well, makes me wanna stop when I get up there next!

Although when I have driven past, it is usually pretty busy with cars all along the snake pass beside it.

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Wonderful bit of filming sir. Another spot to visit next time we are that way. Thank you.

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Thanks for watching, I am glad you like it. It is worth to stop there.

Thanks for your comment. If you can, go there in weekdays and early morning, it’s quite. There is a car park and public toilet on the other side of the road, almost opposite of the Dam.