A small short tribute to the heroes of the Battle of Britain

It was a little too wet and windy too get anything really decent but I did get a nice tribute dronie whilst flying at the Battle of Britain memorial at Capel Le Ferne in Kent last week. Hopefully you enjoy…



I was told they didn’t allow drone flights? I only live 10 miles away!

I won’t tell them if you don’t…

Besides, I doubt @JayForceOne took off from their land… :thinking: :blush:

You guys could have held an impromptu GADC meet up!

Its more to do with the high number of low flying aircraft, there’s a spitfire that flys up there most weeks and lots of low flying helicopters…
Looking at the footage, I doubt your first comment!! I’d love to fly there but chose to respect both the site and their (signposted) request not too…
However I see the BBC arn’t banned from flying there!!

I’m not going to get into a big “maverick pilots is gonna make all the drone flying illegal” type chat where I see this going so I’ll end this here:

  1. I flew at 0630 on a misty Sunday morning - The spitfire tours don’t operate then so I wasn’t interfering with them. The rescue helicopter was also not flying - how do I know? I dive out of Dover and follow the rescue flight activity. I’d checked beforehand.

  2. I wasn’t disrespecting anything at the site because: (a) I’d walked into it on an open public footpath, and launched and landed from the same and (b) there were no “no drone flight” signs that I could see.

  3. I actually spoke to a staff member who came out to me as I was setting up and she asked me to sign into their site in future but she also allowed me to film and fly quickly as long as I didn’t damage, touch or any way mark any of the exhibits. I had permission. Sounds pretty safe and respectful to me.

I won’t be replying to this thread anymore either as I don’t want to endlessly explain I had permission etc etc so we’ll leave it at that.

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I don’t see any problem. Never did. Nobody in sight!

I was at one of the mahoosive Great War cemeteries in Flanders at the time of the 100yrs rememberance.
I was there at an even more antisocial time in the morning (July - before sunrise) so that I wouldn’t disturb anyone when I flew.

Irony … it was me that was so moved by the cemetery, the silence, and my thoughts … I ended up not wanting to disturb my own peace and quiet. I never flew.

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I don’t think you caused any issues mate, just that their drone policy is quite clear…

If I inferred that you had disrespected anything then that wasn’t my intention either…
You spoke to someone who said yes, not correct according to their policy, but she’d given you permission.

How about we apply to fly up there on a brighter day?, we could even ask if a few of us could fly and get different shots…
I don’t see you or your flying as in any way a problem, other than I followed their policy on the website and you asked someone onsite…