A step closer to BVLOS

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Lets hope it keeps up its success and can lead to it being more acceptable in the future, maybe public seeing it will reasure that they are safe ?

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It seems to work on a similar principal to Altitude Angel’s “Conflict Resolution” system:

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Its the idiot at the end of the drone Joe Public is more worried about ;o)

Yes and I can understand that 100% mate, trouble is anyone with £500 in the pocket can just go and buy one or £50 to be precise and even more dangerous.
Jus 1 of the reasons that I came on here and started asking advice and questions strait away and will continue to do so as I want to be a good flyer and maybe reassure the rest of the public for the rest of us that we are good.
1 way would be to get groups of us to attend like summer shows next year where people could meet us talk to us and see we are all responsible and freindly and let them see them on the ground then in the air, the only problem would be the location of the fairs in line with CAA guidlines.