A trip to the train station

June 25 2018
4.2 Km total flight distance.
Mavic does not like flying directly into the sun.
Seem to have a sticky gimbal.


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Bit of constructive criticism mate.

The videos are a bit long and personally puts me off watching them. You should edit down to around 4 or 5 mins with all the good shots.

You’ve got some good shots in there but people will probably miss them by skipping through.

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I like long videos … tells the story of how to get there, shows the target, and the surrounding
area, and the journey back home.
Not for those with the attention span of a Lemon !

Personally, I hate short 3 minute videos.
Just get interested in the subject, and the video ends.
How annoying is that !

Also those drone videos with 3 second long video snaps of completely different views.

Another topic for discussion on grey arrows is why most people have the
compulsive and desperate need to contaminate their videos with dog-crap “music”.

Got to agree with @callum. Once you’ve coveyed to the viewer what you want them to see, then it’s time to move on to another view, keep them interested, otherwise they become bored and stop watching.

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At lest this way it proves he couldn’t of kept his UAS in sight for the entire flight…:wink:

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Never thought of it that way, good point.

'Onnest, on me dog’s loife, yer 'Onner, … it wus definitley line of site fur all the 900 metres to the train station…
All along the tracks.
The Mavic just gets a bit smaller after the furst 100 metres…that’s all …:flushed:


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Carrots, must eat lots and lots of carrots :carrot::carrot: