A venture into the unknown. My first published video

I’ve thrown together my first clip from a flight I did yesterday evening as everything just seemed to come together. Quick bit of editing, playback speed tweaking and transitions in iMovie. I still need to add text / title frames and music.

I’m querying why I’ve only ended up with a 720p output though, I was under the impression that the default for the DJI Spark is 1080p? I did have trouble getting the 4 1/2 min video off my spark so I clipped it in app (GO4) and dragged it onto my phone, I suspect that was probably it. From someone obsessed with stills I can see that this video lark isn’t all witchcraft and wizardry. Would appreciate bad and good feedback. Thanks!


You’re probably suspecting correctly… always use photos and videos taken directly from the memory card in the drone :+1:t2:

I’d add that not only is the video on your phone probably at a lower resolution, it will also be at a significantly lower bit-rate (higher compression) than the versions you’ll find on your Spark.
Both factors will contribute to far less detail.

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You might want to consider turning off audio recording too (or getting rid of it in post).

Apart from that a solid first go ;o)

Ha! Audio very off for me. Eye Hospital waiting rooms don’t appreciate blaring sounds from phones. :wink:

Love the closeness to the water shadows etc then ascending over the trees nice :+1:

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Love the dark imagery!

Well done Dakin!

Solid first video I reckon! Well done!

You’ve clearly got the idea of the nice rising “reveal” shot over the tree, then the cut to a downward looking shot over the trees!

I would say, consider some music rather than audio from drone. Audio from drone is almost always pointless. Maybe go back and look in iMovie and try to tweak the video brightness, I think iMovie has an auto-enhance type button that’ll improve your video greatly in terms of exposure and colours etc.

Other than that, just get out there and make some more, you’ll learn something new every time.