A Video I made using only DJI products

Apart from audio

Let me know what you think?


Osmo Pro x5

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Video requires a password…

ah my bad password: Argos

Very professional looking indeed, look’s just like any other ad on national TV (in a good way)

Don’t quite understand the karate chop forward slash by the girl at the end lol

Thanks very much that was the 3rd take lol

on the 1st she said the right thing then did the wrong slash this was the best one.

im still impressed with what you can do with DJI products
just need to save up for the X7

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Very professional. I ordered a DJI Osmo Mobile in the Black Friday sales - still waiting for it three weeks later. :frowning:

What phone are you going to use it with?

iPhone 7 Plus mainly (I’m aware of the ‘jitters’ problem) but I also have an iPhone 6 Plus, just in case.

Ya i was going to warn you as you.

Do you have a GoPro?

Yes I do, three i fact, and I have gimbals for those but DJI offers some features that they don’t have. DJI really seem to have done their homework on everything they produce.

Vey true im a big fan of the Osmo

Impressive work @DroneUnit :+1:

What did you edit it all with?

Final cut pro X

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