A wet British SuperBike race day at Knockhill

It was rather soggy up here this weekend but managed to snap a couple of pics with my phone.

The infamous hairpin during morning practice.

One of the more interesting ways to hide from the rain.

Three lads managed to slide off at the exact same spot during the Superstock race. Not at the same time either.

The final BSB race was red flagged after Leon Haslam crashed right in front of me. Wasn’t my fault.

And why would you wear white summer trainers when you are in a field and the forecast was rain all day?

I have some videos that I’ll collate and upload later.


Got up at 5.30 am with every intention to make the 2.5 hr ride but opened the curtains and it was mental heavy rain so went back to bed .Watched it on the telly . :grinning:

It’s only 20 minutes from where I live so I was going anyway. Most definitely car weather and a lot of people would have had the same thoughts as you. The bike parking only had one row when it’s normally packed.