A windy Sunset in Conisbrough. Filmed with Mavic 2 Zoom


Nice mate, liked the music too. Not sure it’s have the courage to fly my M2P in winds like that :flushed:… Was it buffeting around a bit?

No Lozzer had it in tripod mode most of the time and it really held itself well, I’m impressed how well it did.

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The M2Z?

That’s what the thread title says. :wink:

Yes mate.

:man_facepalming:… I was looking at his profile and it said he had a sparky too… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haven’t got Sparky anymore mate, great little drone but went into atti mode to frequently for my liking.

I have been having a few wind issues with my M2P which is why I was asking. I think it’s flying ok but at speed into a cross wind, the gimbal was struggling. See 10 seconds in

I’ve slowed down that leg of the journey when the wind is more than 10kph is that direction…

When I’m flying at full speed in P mode and it is windy I do get a lot of warnings pop up about the obstacle avoidance not working because its flying at too much of an angle to fight the wind. Does that happen frequently or just occasionally because you may have just been flying at an angle just right for the gimble to catch the full force of the wind. I will keep an eye on that and let you know if I find anything mate.

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Lozzer this is where you can get that music track, it’s called Stars.

That link didn’t work but I found it manually. She’s awesome and a great archive too, cheers chap :+1:

No worries mate