A2 CoC advice

I’m about to book my A2 CoC and wondered if anyone knew if the cheapest provider?

I had done some digging and found infratec advertising it for £59.99 and when I went to book it looks like I pay this and it doesn’t include the final CAA exam.

Any advice / personal experience / recommendations appreciated!


Hi Tony.

The wee magnifying glass up there by your avatar is your friend

The first item it found was the mammoth A2 C of C thread:

I suggest you start at the end - that’s the most recent info.

I looked at both Coptrz and UAVHub, and preferred the teaching method of UAVHub. Others prefer Coptrz. Both recommended and, last time I looked, competitively priced.


Thanks Rob, I had done a very quick search on here but found old information (clearly I didn’t look hard enough)