A2 CofC and BMFA Part A

Phew, where do I start.
Oh yes, my heads a shed. This week has been great, I’ve studied the current rules and regs until they bleed from my ears and then passed the BMFA Part A Fixed wing competency on Monday and followed that up with a 100% pass on the A2 CofC with UAVHUB yesterday.

I have a Max thrust Riot XL and Ruckus plane and my main drone is a Mavic 2 Zoom, but after the above I need a treat - either a Mavic Mini for inside Congested area stuff or wait for a C2 drone to be made - like a Mavic 3 zoom maybe.

Anyone else taking the A2 CofC or has already?
Anyway, here’s a quick vid of the zoom in action from roughly 190m away in strong wind.


Hiya, I have also taken the A2 CofC and have the Mavic Mini. I am just waiting for DJI now to up there game from a CE perspective. I was also wondering if any insurance companies recognise this qualification as yet.


Only problem with doing the A2 CofC at the moment, is as of yet it isn’t a valid legal qualification as the rules encompassing it don’t at the moment come into effect till November as it stands.
As there is still 6 months to go until then, we still have the issue of whether the CAA will delay this even further, or even cancel the adoption all together.
So at present the qualification seems to be a risk to take when it may or may not ever be valid.:man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


As is usual I’m somewhat confused. According to the HeliGuy site:

“The A2 CofC is a remote pilot competency certificate primarily intended to assure safe operations of drones close to uninvolved persons.”

However the test does not involve any assessment of the student’s ability to pilot the craft in such situations. Considering that many who may intend acquiring this Certificate of Competency may have never flown without assistance, GPS and Altitude Hold which are susceptible to sudden environmental changes, what measure of safeguard does this CofC provide?

I’m not trying to be funny, and I genuinely wish to understand, but how does this differ from the online tick test hosted by the likes of the BMFA, FPVUK, and the CAA as part of the registration process?



It doesn’t as far as I have read.


I have only yesterday taken one of our GADC Members for his FPVUK CoCP.
The test is designed to test the candidates control ability of his drone, and make him aware of his surroundings, and the problems within that area.
It is not a Comprehensive test, but at least it gives the person an awareness of being a responsible drone pilot.
I am sure that @scottydog ( who has practiced hard over the last month) is only to aware that this is only a small step into his world of drone flying.
Him and I have spent many hours over the last week discussing, rules, regulations,etc,etc.
But in the end it all comes down to the man behind the control sticks.
No one is saying that this test is by all means as comprehensive as say PfCO, but, it at least gives the drone operator a sense of what is expected of them.
I am sure Scott would be the first to agree, after he has worn out the smile on his face !.


Hi, I did my FPVUK CoCP test yesterday with Chrisjohnbaker, I would highly recommend doing it especially to anyone like me new to drone flying , I took many hours of asking questions, studying and practice but personally I’ve learned a lot from it and gained a massive amount of confidence in my flying. I am aware I’ve still got loads to learn but the more you can learn the better and as I’ve said I’ve learned and gained so much from doing the CoCP and I would encourage others especially new flyers to go for it. I would also like to thank Chris for all his hep, support and encouragement along the way also giving up his time to do the test , I am eternally great full to him and greyarrows .


Check out GADC band of merry FPVUK CofC mentors and examiners

All available to give advice/help you through the test.



It’s the same with any competence, practice is key and the more you fly hopefully the better you will become. Personally, I kind of see it all of this model aircraft / drone requirement as a bit of a stitch up for when you get caught doing something wrong, you can’t say you weren’t aware.

Are all drivers good drivers, I think not, even though they have had an examiner sat next to them to pass a test. I only had two driving lessons and passed my driving test, a car is far more dangerous than a recreational drone.
Is a lorry or a bus driver better than a car driver, again no, they could still be a complete ass. So why is someone that has a higher qualification classed as having greater competence.

My point is attitude, awareness and consideration are key and there is only so much you can learn from a book. The rest is about cash generation, with a bit of snobbery for good measure.

I think that’s called civilisation.

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Not the one I live in …