A2 CofC courses

Ok, this is for information, I am on UAVHUB’s mailing list and have no other connection with them. It seems to be a good price but check for yourselves - first is it what you need to develop as a pilot and is it the best price/quality available.


Damn it!!!

I thought I was getting a deal with the 20% Geeksvana discount! :disappointed:

We paid full price of £250 for my A2 CofC.
It was an early 50th birthday present from my missus ( birthday tomorrow )
Imagine her laughter when I told her it was now only £150, especially as it it utterly worthless now and might even be in the future - who can tell.

That’s the very last time I opt into anything to do with drone legislation early on ( it wasn’t early compared to the expected start of July 1st ).
Feeling miffed does not portray the true gravity of it.
These price drops across the training suppliers smacks of a race to the bottom to be honest - especially with the start dates being moved three times.

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I think it’s great for consumers to a point, but also introduces further uncertainty into an already uncertain industry. Remember when a PfCO meant something and was about £1500, then a grand, £600, £500, £250!
Now you can get PfCO, GVC and A2 CofC for about £500 or so - stick it out and they may come down to £300 for the lot.
All great if they come to fruition in the industry, and maybe drone manufacturers will introduce CE stamped drones - probably.
There comes a point my old man told me that you drop your prices too low
and they portray desperation - especially in this current climate.
We’ll see.


Now £99, business must be bad.

Race to the bottom well underway


Bumping this thread as UAVHub have the £99 deal for the A2 CofC on offer again.


For a pure hobbiest flying a Mini 2 as is, no alterations so under 249gm, I can’t see any benefits in taking this.
If, and I may well be, I am wrong could someone point out what I’ve missed please?

It was priced at £139 when I looked, but after taking the “trial” lesson, I had a discount code for £40 off, so I thought “why not”?

I’ve just signed up today.

I saw them advertising for £99 the other day. Planning on doing my A2 in the new year, get some practice with the drone first and get Xmas out the way so I can start freeing up cash again.

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I got my course for £99 and did the exam today (Passed). I’m not sure if I’ll ever need it but thought I’d have a go. And as both my drones are sub 500g legacy drones, and so A1 it does make a big difference how I can fly them… if I ever need to.

Just finished the coursework and to be honest, it is really good. Just waiting for examination.

Easy to understand (I am slightly dyslexic and not native speaker), so if I can get along with it, anyone can.

That’s great as I’m was not well educated and attention span of a gnat, all I wanted to be was a soldier and tbh perfect as your trained to listen and never think :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Im considering doing it but unsure what benefits I get from it apart from someone approaching and I can just put middle finger up to them.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is there any flying actually involved as if this the case would the pass be delayed until Covid rules lifted?

A2 CofC is all theories. They would ask you to fill a self declaration where you confirm that you can do “big circles” and “little circles” and then Bob is your parents’ brother.

If I can fly though the coursework, anyone can.
The mock exam didn’t seem to be very difficult neither.

Thanks for quick response.

I can do all the flying just like I said my attention span is short as hell so need to go bang bang bang done :joy:

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Off we go…


Where is the trial lesson ? i cant seem to find anything

It’s on the home page, about half way down, it says “Try before you buy” A2 CofC Free Trial.

Did the trial lesson, but wasn’t emailed a code. :frowning:

So the only price I can see is £139.

You’d have thought that they would at least follow up the trial to see if people wanted to buy.