A2 CofC qualification for DJI Air 3

Hi I am getting tha air 3 drone and wondered if I can get the a2 qualification within the club in bristol ?

As a paid member you can get a very good discount of 50% with UAV Academy for your A2 CofC - so well worth the membership fee for sure


Mark as your new to the site go and introduce yourself to the rest of the gang.

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Damn, I wish I had known that before taking mine recently :disappointed:

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Im busy studying it now, is it difficult, the tests?

Nobody has ever failed.

Ever :slight_smile:

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Ever ever

The test consists of questions taken from a pool and don’t contain any tricks. Having said that it pays to firstly read the question thoroughly, read all four potential answers before ticking the box for the answer you think is right.

Anyone with an interest in flying who has read the drone code and has a wee bit of common sense could probably pass without further study. But the course is worthwhile in ensuring your knowledge is at the next level above basic.

Practice makes perfect. Take mock exams - a quick search brought up several - this is one:

When it comes time to take the real exam you will find that, after doing five or so mocks, all of the questions are familiar!

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… no pressure :man_shrugging: :grin:


@LloydRey Mainly common sense, multiple choice answers.

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Did the test today and passed, it’s pretty straightforward and I’m probably now a qualified meteorologist as there where soo many weather related questions lol