A2CofC practical flying requirements

Apologies in advance if this topic has been covered. I’m considering taking my A2CofC, however, my drone (Ehang Ghostdrone) is controlled via an app - no transmitter). Does anyone know if you are able to clock flying hours using an app controlled drone? Thanks

If it helps. I recently completed my A2CoC using an Anafi. The organisation I took my instruction from required me to submit (scanned by email) a paper log (their format) of my flying hours, including maintenance, battery charging etc. So maybe the drone onboard log not needed as long as you keep a log?

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There should be no requirement to clock any hours (depending on who you choose as your provider)

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UAVHUB does not require you to actually fly :smiley:


Neither do UAV8 and its only £48 (GADC discount also available)

Thanks for the speedy reply. Just so I’m clear, I’ve probably flown this drone in excess of 5hrs pre the new drone code. Can I use these hours towards the A2CofC or will I have to start with a blank canvas?

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Page 32 CAP 722B (E2)
“The A2 CofC is a theoretical examination only but is predicated on a ‘building block’
process of training and testing which is listed in the following paragraph. There are no
practical flight test requirements for the A2 CofC.
Prior to taking the examination, the remote pilot is required to have completed the
following ‘building blocks’:
• Successful completion of the CAA’s ‘Drone and Model Aircraft’ online training
course for basic remote pilot competency and the associated competency test, and
be in possession of the ‘Flyer ID’ number associated with that test;
• Completion of a period of practical flight training, either under the guidance of an
RAE or under ‘self-monitored’ circumstances, conducted within the operating
conditions of subcategory A3 but simulating the operating situations associated with
the A2 subcategory.CAP 722B Annex A | The ‘A2 Certificate of Competency’ (A2 CofC)
December 2019 Page 33
• Remote pilots must declare, in writing, that they have completed the above building
blocks to the RAE.”

You shouldn’t have to prove you’ve done any practical, just sign a declaration that you have.

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Thanks for the reply and heads-up! Just signed up to the UAVHub free course.

Thanks for this comprehensive response. I’ve been researching this aspect of the A2CofC for while and found the practical flying requirements quite ambiguous. This has really helped to clear things up :+1:

No problem mate, with UAVHUB, you just sign a declaration and email it to them before you take the course.
Enjoy your flying!


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Much depends on the organisation you do your training with. The organisation I used, COPTRZ, would allow use of any flying hours that fell within 90 days of starting the training course. I used these people as they were only £58 for the whole course, including the exam. Be aware that the exam is moderated by a USA organisation and they have a very strict criteria for the actual exam. i.e. Room inspection on camera to ensure you are a lone operator etc.

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