A380s aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!

Very impressive, but where’s the RTH button?


“Pilot sitting on it as it’s activated by a sudden bum clench”



I’m an aerospace design engineer, I was gutted I never got the opportunity to work on that.

So simple even the girlies can fly them (ducks for cover)

I’ve been lucky enough to fly upstairs in one to Dubai and back several times, it really is like travelling without moving, very quiet and comfortable even in economy


It’s a beautiful plane. I was very lucky to find a Captain who was prepared to show me the flight deck.

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“What the bum clench activated RTH switch”…:clown_face:

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On a serious note I only worked on light aircraft as a trainee.
The largest we had was the aero commander, Islander, Cessna 402 and just once serviced a DC3.
My dream then was to work on the big jets of the seventies.

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What happened? What were you training as?



Totally agree - its been my plane of choice since it arrived in SE Asia - absolutely nothing like it for long haul, I’m gutted its now a thing of the past. I remember once getting some seriously dubious looks when the Mrs and kids were in Economy, whilst I parked myself in Business - well, my excuse was I was working so needed some quiet place to work & think !! :joy: :joy: It worked only once, as the Mrs demanded to join me after a “helpful” trolly dolly showed her where I was - I never forgave her for that breach of customer privacy lol


Back in the day 1974-1978, aircraft technician, got job with charter company then went on to Flying Doctors contracts with a local business in Kenya.

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I’ve worked in aerospace all my life , on small and large aircraft, military and civil and VIP interiors in Switzerland but what you did knocks all that into a cocked hat.

I was only a young trainee and things didn’t workout as I’d hoped.

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Fabulous plane, been on several. Hong Kong and Dubai. Even steerage is very comfortable :+1:

Currently onboard one from Miami.

Enjoy the aircraft, however slowly they are going. Only been on Emirates and BA.

Only around 600 kbps on the Internet download, but 2 mbps upload.

Are you upstairs or downstairs ?

Only done the MAN/DXB on Emirates and it was a lot quicker than that (upstairs)

We were downstairs.

Big issues on the flight with power or the lack of it. So no in flight entertainment etc.

Easily my favourite passenger aircraft for comfort. Sheer size makes for a very smooth ride, bigger windows, less curved fuselage. Normally plenty of space.
IFE and internet depends on airline fit but they’ve all generally gone from free unlimited WiFi 10 years ago to charging a lot for 500mb now as its clearly a money spinner.

If there’s a 380 doing a route i need to use i’ll juggle schedules if possible to end up on it (unless its BA).

A350 isn’t bad, 787 is acceptable but none are as nice as a 380 for a long duration flight.
(And id rather walk than suffer a 777).

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