Free time? - Check
Mavic 2 Zoom? - Check
Raptor XR installed? - Check
DJI Goggles arrived? - Check
Batteries charged? - Check
PL Insurance? - Check
Wind? - Check, Check and bloody check.
Moan on the internet? - Check

Get on with it …Check

Windspeed @120m - 40mph - Gusting to 60mph - I’ll pass :wink:

…Pretty sure I’ve got a kite here somewhere though…

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… other than the fact that I’m busy.

:rage: I have lots of time on my hands…

Me too - but today’s is allocated to helping someone with far more important things.

Me too, I’m on nights and was looking forward to bright but cool sunny days…must have missed the bit about hurricane dickwad blowing tho.


Been very calm down south :grin:


Tell me about it! Been looking outside at the blue sky and bright sunshine all day.

Just had too much else that needed to be done.

As soon as the weather’s crap again I should have plenty of free time. That’s how it happens. :wink:



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I’m in London for a few days - lovely and calm! Just not allowed to fly anywhere even if I did have the Quad with me :+1: