Abandoned mental asylum : Lennox castle

Filmed this a couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy


Love this, i also know a few people who would love to have put me in there :wink:

Where’s this @CoconutIslandDrones ?

They’ve not moved it since the last time … Lennox Castle abandoned mental hospital


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Just on the outskirts of Lennoxtown near Glasgow.

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A good video with an appropriate choice of sound track, and it be sad to see building that have deteriorated to this state…
But the history and use that the building was put to is quite disturbing…

or since this time :wink:

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Love this type of video. Exploring old building or locations. A sort of urbex except in the air. Hope someday I will have the flying skills to attempt such an exploration :+1:

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Practise is all it takes. None of us were born with the skills to fly a drone.

Wow… Bando Land :laughing: :laughing:


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Nicely captured :ok_hand: hope to go there myself as soon as weather better

Just avoid foggy days. I discovered drones don’t like the fog and go in the huff and try to land themselves in trees.

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Very true :rofl::rofl:

Pleased I discovered your flying - loved it. - Thanks :derelict_house:

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Thank you