ActiveTrack: “Aircraft too high”

Latest problem - my Mavic Pro won’t work in ActiveTrack/QuickShot. It can identify subject, but always has a red box and says “aircraft too high” (regardless of height).

Tried calibrating vision sensors and latest firmware update with no luck. Appears someone else has the problem too and has ended up having to send it back. Active Track "aircraft too high" | DJI Mavic Drone Forum

If I have to do the same I’ll be carefully documenting it’s condition after the surprise “damage” they found last time.

Any ideas before I resort to that?

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I think I tried Active Track a couple of times when I got my MP, back in late 2016, and never found a use for it since.
I should havea play with it some time.

I haven’t used ActiveTrack itself much, but the QuickShot modes are fun (and use the same tracking)

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