Acton Burnell Castle 2021 by Drone

Hi guys, hope everyone is well, havnt posted much lately but took a trip to Actone Burnell Castle a couple of weeks back. Hope you enjoy it.

Its a beautiful place.


Appologies for the Date error on the credits.

Fixed it

Thanks for posting, great video and lovely music, really enjoyed watching.

Can I ask what time of day you took the video? I have a Mavic Pro too and finding places like this to fly with the Pro seems to be getting more difficult although Dronescene is very helpful for keeping on the right side of the law. Any tips on getting great shots like this would be most welcome, e.g. time of day, getting permissions, etc - thanks.

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Enjoyed watching that, music works well too, very relaxing :+1:

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Hiya welshmavic, thanks for your comment.

We usually aim for early mornings in the summer months. Heritage and Trust sites dont like us very much but at weekends they usually dont start till 9 or 10AM and we are usually long gone by then. Im not advocating breaking any rules but try to stick to the code and dont take off from their land and you will be fine.

Winter can be a bit harder where the light is concerned but then a lot of Heritage and Trust site close in the winter so your on a winner there too.

Permissions are a different matter, I usually only bother if filming somewhere that is maybe occupied. Active churches are always worth asking though as quite often the church would be happy to have you and would love to see your footage.

As for the drone, i ALWAYS shoot with an ND filter on and i rarely go lower than ND8 even in poor light. Others will disagree with me but i find that they give you a better colour depth and make for a more apealing image.

As for shots, im quite brave with my drone and how close i fly to things. I admit i have been guilty of breaking the odd rule here and there regards distances and clearances etc but thats not something i recommend.

There are alot of amazing people here in the GA forums so dont worry about asking open questions. That saidd you can always feel free to contact me via PM if you wish.

Keep safe, Fly safe.