Actually flew

Actually got a flight in this morning even though it was freezing, rain held off for a hour and half, sadly looking for a lost dog though :frowning::frowning::frowning:


Did notice gimbal needed a slight adjustment and think it’s sorted now lol took me a few mins to find the setting cus on the P4 its C2 and the dial lmao

Well done Matty1. You took advantage of the little break in the weather & soldiered through the low temperatures. I can assure you that it was well worth it as the video is great m8.

Is your bird a Phantom 4 Pro?

Isn’t that a generic DJI setting, I know its the same on my MP

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The video was my Mavic Pro but I have the P4 standard too :grin::+1:

Didn’t work on my Mavic mate but there is a setting to adjust gimbal in the settings

Are you on Android, I did read somewhere it was hit and miss, always worked on iOS for me though

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Yes on android Chtis

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Chris * bloody predictive text lol

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