Add drone to already owned CAA register

Hi I already own a drone which has an operater ID and i already have a flyer ID, I have purchased a second drone which weighs over 249G, How do i go about registering this one or can i add to my existing operator ID, if so will the ID be same as my other drone

PS if this doesnt make sense please feel free to point it out haha.

I think you might need to read the Drone Code again :blush:

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does that contain the answer?

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Is this a windup? :thinking:

I’ll assume it’s genuine :slight_smile:

Please, read the drone code.

Especially # 30 here: Getting an operator ID for drones | UK Civil Aviation Authority

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why would i waste my time writing this post if it was a windup, all i needed was a simple yes or no answer?


Of course it contains the answer.

Why would possibly think it doesn’t? :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m not usually in the habit of pointing people at random web sites for no reason :confused:

I wasnt to know that hence why i asked the question on here hoping that other drone enthusiasts would point me in the correct direction. Which in the end you did

Thank you :smile:

I would have thought if one already owns a drone one would know where to look for the info? :roll_eyes:

But isn’t the purpose of being a member is to ask questions rather than troll through the internet .
Just a thought


Not really.
If you have a licence then you have been on the CAA site where further research will help – (and if not, maybe a phone call to the CAA???)

Yes use what you got already. It’s you that registers not the drone.