Adobe Photographer Plans - Limited time deals

Some interesting deals available currently.


I love Adobe products, but all this cloud based stuff is no good for me. If I am visiting my mum for a few days I can’t access it as she doesn’t have and can’t get internet where she lives.

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It’s not for me. Just £££.
I survive on years old PS/LR/Prem. Just thought some might be interested.


Which is identical to above?

Yes - my mistake. :woozy_face::woozy_face:

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You don’t need internet connection to access adobe applications once installed

I was under the impression that they were cloud based.

Well, unless it is another kind of offer they do, it works like this. Once you pay your monthly fee you are allowed to download the applications you pay fir and use them offline.
That’s what I do

“Creative cloud” is just Adobes sales strategy.

The apps all function offline like previous versions.

The cloud part is more for teams or businesses who use the cloud storage and work on projects across multiple devices.

Just a way of getting a continual revenue stream rather than selling lifetime licenses.

Thanks. That’s cleared that up I may consider upgrading.
I just stopped reading at the word cloud. But then I wasn’t really that interested at the time as CS 5 was doing everything I wanted. And still does to an extent.

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Reviving an old thread insfead of posting a new one, Amex are doing reccuring £10 back on £19 or over Adobe subscriptions at the moment

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