Advice and constructive criticism on my photos

Taken a load of photos lately and tried editing them, not sure if they are OK, Im not very good at it, so anywhere I can upload my photos and have gadc critique them and offer constructive criticism.

Drag and drop them into the reply box, and don’t put ya sen down mate, sure there will be some good shot’s

I’m not so sure pal, I’ve played around with them but not sure if played too much.

That’s what it’s about, playing with them, always make copies tho, so you don’t screw up the originals

Everyone has to start somewhere mate

please be totally honest but don’t be a c**t. Constructive criticism only pleasesd

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Cheers pal. Just enjoying learning.

There not to bad, 3rd one looks a bit washed out to me but hey wtf do i know

Theres not much to critique here other than what @raider64 said about the third one.
I wouldn’t say its overly washed out , I’d reduce the blue - make it it a bit warmer and it may bring out the foreground detail and colour a little more.
Their good !

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I agree, I pretty much did the same thing with all the others apart from 3rd one. Tried something diffrent. So at least I’ve got some advice to work off. Thank you

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Yep, have to agree, the 3rd one does look a bit washed out, but the rest look pretty good.
You are certainly doing something right.
It’s not always what other people think, but, if you like it.
But ,we will always give you an honest answer, as our eyes may see something that yours do not.
Does that make sense?.

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Yeah I totally get what u mean, my father is a massive photographer, he’s had photos displayed all over UK, he’s a member of royal photography society. And he said that the photo quality with the spark is very good, much better than he expected from a drone. Have t shown him my edited photos yet tho.

played with the 3rd one a bit more, still unSure about it. Struggling to get detail In front of photo and rich colour skies with cloud detail. Any suggestions?

What program are you using, Michael?.

Snapseed. What do you use? I haven’t got a pc, it’s all on phone.

Are, I am not conversant with that, you really need a Pc to get some half decent effects.
You are not going to get good results without being able to see the photos on the big screen, so to speak.
A phone is not the ideal answer, but, as has been said before, just make sure you keep the originals untouched.
Don’t know if any of our other members have any ideas?.

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I’ve been told that I need a pc to have better results, but my budget doesn’t stretch to that. Only now getting interested in the photo side of drones. All my money going on buying bits for drone etc.

They are very good, good colour (apart from the third) sharp images, maybe need a subject in the mid or foreground but only to give the brain a sense of scale and something in which to lead your eye into the photo, but that’s about finding subject matter something that is part of the fun of drone photography. Well done.,

Cheers pal. Thanks for constructive criticism. Always after input of people who know a bit. Taken what u said on board and its something to think about next time I’m out. :+1:

Few clicks here and there, but if you are doing it on your phone top marks.

it’s a learning curve and we never stop learning :+1:

Love that. Much better. What u do that with?