Advice on selling new Mavic Air flymore combo with lots of extras

Hi Guys,

I wanted to ask advice on how it may be possible to sell an very little used MAvic Air plus lots of extras including three batteries.

Due to a change in circumstances the drone is unlikely to be used much which is a great shame given I have spent over £1200 including DJI insurance plus other flyaway insurance.

I’m unsure how much it’s worth, I have flown it probably three times and it’s immaculate, never crashed etc.

Any advice would be gratefully received?

Thanks guys.

I’m in the market for a Mavic Air to take on holiday this Summer - I’ve just been offered one with the fly-more pack from a chap on shpock for £550 - little too far for me to drive to though.

Hi @Carlblake and welcome to Grey Arrows.

Sorry to hear that your first post is all about selling up though mate :confused:

Whenever I sell anything, I always go to eBay first and do an “Advanced Search”, I tick the “sold” and the “Used” boxes:

This then gives me an excellent ballpark figure.

I can then decide if I want to pitch it cheaper than the average in order to sell it quickly, or pitch above and be patient :wink:

Hope this helps mate!



Thanks very much for this advice, its very useful. I am very sorry to be selling as I really wanted to get into the sport/hobby/activity…

Best wishes

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£600 or £550 if no warranty. You could get more selling drone with one battery and the two spares separately. For example I would buy a battery :grin:. Or possibly some extras if you send me a list? Thx

been lookin at a lot of little used air combos online just lately they seem to be between £550 (basic pack) to £800 (lots of extras). There are cheaper but the sellers profiles set my alarm bells ringing. Not a great return on your layout but if you settle for this price range I would be interested

I generally work on 1/2 - 2/3 retail value (when selling and buying). So the advise above fits into those brackets.

Good luck with the sale, shame you couldn’t enjoy it more whilst you had it ;o(

Thanks Guys for all the very useful advice.


Thanks for the advice. I would be happy to let it go for £800 as it’s barely a month old and hardly flown with lots of extras.

If you are interested I can send you a picture of everything in the kit?

But I would want to handover in person rather than relying on courier delivery etc.

So if you are interested I would be glad to hear from you.



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Very interested but I have just ordered one online, I have sent them a request to cancel the order,If they will play ball and cancel, I will meet you price. Would you object if I bring some one along with a bit more knowledge than me to have a look at it; Colin


Of course that would be absolutely fine. You will find it once absolutely perfect condition.

I will wait if hear the outcome of your request!

If it helps I can pass you my email?



great stuff,I’m hopeful about the cancelation as they are a reputable company and have not touched my bank account yet, but they are a bit slow to respond,and it being the weekend who knows. Email or a phone no would be handy; Colin

ADMIN EDIT: Email address removed for your own protection. Please use Private Messages to exchange contact details.

Ok great. My name is Carl Blake and my email is {REMOVED}

I live in Manchester but am happy to come to an arrangement if things work out satisfactorily for you for a meeting mid way perhaps?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

great be in touch as soon as I have some news

Thanks Carl, order cancelled with no problems. I will send you my contact details by private message and go from there.

If any one else is watching this thread and wondering, I have been in touch with Carl, over the past couple of days he strikes me as a straight guy and photos show a new condition Air with lots of extras. I was going to do a deal with him, but an horrible garage bill has forced me to back out, so if any one wants to make him an offer you wont be treading on my toes.

Hi there.

Thanks for the positive recommendation and yes I am open to considering offers.

I have photos to supply if required