Advice on where to fly in Suffolk

I’m struggling to find places I can legally fly around Suffolk. Anyone have any suggestions?

It often seems pretty difficult to figure out who the landowner is for private land. And for council parks and open areas:

I’ve read a few posts on here, and I’m confused where the line between “get permission” and “use common sense” is. Help!

Use common sense. Very hard in most instances to get permission! I too live in Suffolk under a BIG NFZ

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Thanks, Manty! Yeah, that was the impression I was getting. I feel like officials don’t really understand the rules or don’t want to get in trouble with their superiors, so default to “no” because it’s easier!

I know the CAA appear to have a more relaxed attitude to things - just as long as you’re not violating airspace or doing something dangerous.

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Hi Leeky, and welcome to the GADC.
We come down to the good old “Drone Code”, stick to it and fly where you can.
I do not look for places where i can’t fly, always look for potential places you would like to fly.
Early morning , late evening is always a prime time to get to fly those crowded “during the day” flights that you would like to fly.
If you took every place as a NFZ, you would never get air born !.


I fly at East lane car park Bawdsey. Old WW2 fortification and normally not many people around. Not been told its off limits and can not find any by-laws. Just watch out for para gliders who take off from a field near there.