Advice please re Turkey


chrissy you are legally ok to carry the batteries they comply with all the current regs, but the power banks I would not even entertain taking, if you go prepared ie the cells placed in the explosion proof bags you can buy off Amazon for next to nothing and just as a extra precaution place electrical tape over the contacts, and as before take the rules and regs so you can defend your case…


Thats really usefil to know. Are you referring to the Mavic batteries when talking about the bags and taping up or the power bank?
Or can one just turn up at any airport with the Mavic batteries without issue? If so do they go in hold or hand luggsge?


Hi The Mavic battery’s I dont use power banks and the larger ones will get confiscated because of there rating…
I insisted everything stayed with me in my hand luggage, did want it throwing around by the handlers…


Could i just put my mavic snd the 3 batteries in my suit case in the hold and have no problems with it ?


No, batteries need to go in your hand luggage.


I wouldn’t let nothing go in the hold, the way the cases get thrown around the poor little Mavic would have a terrible time…


Please can you direct me to where the documents are for this, as Im wanting to take the Drone to turkey later in the year…Thanks