So after flying last I kept hearing a beep and when looking at my footage noticed it was self focusing. Now I know that there is an AFC “auto focus” setting which is on. I have always used the C1 button as the centre focus but wondered if anyone has persevered with the AFC on, it seemed like it ruined a few of my shots.

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No I hated AFC.

Focus changing mid shot is no use at all.


I did wonder if it was any good, I have turned it off now as its not that hard to do yourself. Seems like a strange feature as it certainly interfered with filming.


Hate AFC

At least with it off you get the nice option of touch focus, or touch exposure in an easy to get at place on the screen

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There has been times where I’ve shot clips completely out of focus and it probably could have saved them.

I wouldn’t run the risk though of it focusing at a point you just couldn’t edit out.

Much better to just remember and check everything is in focus using peaking before you start.


Adjusting settings at the mo. How do I get 60fps on 4k? Can only choose 30

30fps is max for Mavic 1 & 2 in 4k.

Only the P4P and inspire does 4K60

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Are ok, so is it better to shoot in 1080p

I’ve never tried 1080 on Mavic.

For me it was always 2.7K or 4K/30

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For me, it depends what I’m taking and what kind of editing I want to do.

If it’s something I can’t get close to and need to crop, and by how much, I’ll go for the higher res.
If it’s something I may want to create slow-mo, I’ll go for 60fps, so 1080p

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Good point, I am getting better at thinking about the shots I want and fly but need to get better at the settings for the shot. Thanks for your advice and from @callum