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Hi there just wondered if anyone has used Affinity Photo for the IPad? Any advise? Pros and cons? I’d use LR but mobile app doesn’t have the merge function for panoramas and Affinity Photo would replace LR and PS subscription for a 1 off payment of £19 but only if it did the job.

Not used it on mobile but the Mac version is very good

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Ditto, but on Windows… it’s developed quite a bit since first launched and is very capable.

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I have it on the iPad pro as it was cheap and seems to be very capable.

I seriously need to find the time to read up on how to use it properly but its worth the money from what I can see

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I tried it out on PC and really liked it. Then I got Photoshop Express, which seemed to do more or less what I was doing in Affinity and was free, so I let my Affinity trial expire.

A couple of weeks later and it seemed a lot of the stuff in PsExpress was suddenly asking me for money to use.

Of course, by this time Affinity was back to being full price. I should have bought it while I could get it cheap. :person_facepalming:
I suppose I could try getting another trial on one of my other machines with a different email address.

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Have spent most of the weekend watching YouTube videos and it certainly seems to do everything I’ll need with a familiar (ish) layout to LR/PS and at £19 seems a no brainier…

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Big fan of Affinity Photo but it suffers from the same problem as most other photography apps do with RAW images.

Affinity Photo has 2 engines for processing RAW images:

  1. Apple Core Image Raw - this uses the inbuilt lens profile in the RAW file and correctly addresses the lens distortion and vignetting in the image. Unfortunately when this engine is used it does not run the routine that cleans up hot pixels.
  2. Serif Labs engine - this engine is powered by Lensfun which has only a handful of DJI drones profiles (Mini 2 is not one of them FYI). The lens profile in the file is ignored. This engine does run the routine that cleans up hot pixels but unless your drone is one of the very few supported by Lensfun then it will have lens distortion and vignetting.

If you’re working only with JPGs, have a Lensfun supported drone or don’t mind doing a bit of manual cleanup on your images then Affinity is a brilliant app at a great price.

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@gothi thanks for the thorough explanation. I think I’ll commit to it for the price and work around the issues you mention…£19 all in against £140/yr!

I use Affinity to fill the zenith on 360 images, much faster and cleaner results compared to PS.

I find AP fine for Mini 2 RAW images.

The DNG files require standard vignetting removal, which is quite simple. There is then colour vignetting with the centre of the image having a distinctly reddish look. However, I used the ‘Live Lighting’ feature in AP to create a colour vignetting adjustment and the end result - with three stacked RAW images - was extremely pleasing.

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