Agfa Photo tablet & Mavic Air

Ok, so I have had a look around and enjoyed reading posts, there were brief mentions about device compatibility.

About a year or so ago I was given a new Agfa Photo 41900 7" tablet 8GB android 4.4. He had it a year and never used it. Well I never turned it on either, just put it on charge.
If it boots up, and the charge lasts i might use it.

Anyone used one.

Might try to download a firmware upgrade

Always worth a try

Well the tablet would not charge, it was still dead after almost 1 hour. I hoped the software would probably not accept charge into a pancake. so I un clipped the back cover, it had charge voltage all the way to the battery wires on the mainboard. I unsoldered them, then put 5v direct to the battery until I got >1v, soldered the wires back onto the mainboard, plugged in the charger, and the charge symbol appeared, after about 5 minutes it booted up displaying ‘Charging 1%’. Now to find out how to do a factory reset, dump and disable the plethora of stuff not wanted, and see if I can find a firmware upgrade for it, ready for when it is charged. with a bit of luck the battery will be ok.

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Lost me at this bit, I’d have been on amazon, new one to be delivered tomorrow ;o)

It was a nothing to loose thing Chris :grinning:
I half expected to be tossing it in the bin. Despite it never being used, the firmware is so old It still may end up there, along with the perfectly good, no longer supported iphones and ipads. From what I have read, DJI GO 4 needs Android 5.0, the only Agfa firmware I could find was from archived files. I will flash the firmware tomorrow, but not holding my breath. Be a shame to toss a decent brand new tablet.