Air 2S or Mavic 3

Tough one I know as the Mavic 3 isn’t out yet and there are only rumours on the specs but….

As a hobbyist and the occasional commercial job I am wondering if it’s worth spending the extra dollar on the M3. I’m guessing the price of the new M3 will be around £1700-£2000 as supposed to the Air2S £1100

So what are my thoughts?

  • Even if the M3 throws out a 6K - 8K I’m still only going to view it in 4K based on what I’ve got at home.

  • Adjustable aperture is pretty certain on the M3 but do I necessarily need that for day to day photography. :nerd_face:

  • Going on my old M2P I’ve heard the Air2S is an upgrade. :face_with_monocle:

  • Will the M3 be certified? I very much doubt it. If it is I would 100% go for it. Another reason maybe not to splash out the extra. :upside_down_face:

  • But the M3 will be all sparkly and new and exciting :smiley:

  • The A2S will be new and exciting too :smiley:

I know only I can really answer these question and thoughts but just would like some input… what would you do?

Not sell my MP2 :wink:

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But, But, But… I want something new Chris :laughing:

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Did cross my mind, but I like more than 5 mins flight time :joy:

DJI FPV :wink:

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Probably the rumors will be out for an early 2022 release for the Air 3 very soon…

I knew you’d regret it Steve, I just didn’t think you’d regret it only two weeks later :blush:

To add to the dilemma, if you buy the Air 2S you know full well the M3 will be released just weeks later and the 2S prices will tank.

But you also know if you wait for the M3 the rumours will turn out to be just that, rumours… and no M3 will ever appear. And you’ll be kicking yourself for not having bought the Air 2S sooner.



Now what?!???


Autel Evo II does 6K and 8K if needed.

Autel Evo has also been rocking that for over a year now too.

You know the camera isn’t an upgrade.

The Autel has a 2000nits smart controller too. None of this poncy 1000nits nonsense :roll_eyes:

And no out of date, totally made up NFZs…

And 40 minute flights…

And 5.5 range…

And and and…


I’d buy an orange drone :slight_smile:


Oh god don’t start with the Air 3 :joy::person_facepalming:t4: Not sure I could add that in too! :joy:

You nailed it Rich

Exactly this mate! Damn it!

I’d second this and I don’t own one (yet)


All sounds amazing… but it’s something new to learn :scream: I know there pretty much all the same but I know my way around DJI. :smiley:

Urghh! Now something else to consider!

Do you know what month DJI released the original Mavic Pro?

Or the first Mavic Air?

Or the Mavic 2?

Is there a pattern? :man_shrugging:t2:

Was it always November? Or are November releases now reserved solely for the Mini range?

Hmm, good point… what will you do if they release a Mini 3 in eight weeks time? :thinking:

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Left - up and down

Right - forwards and back

What else is there to know ?

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The way around the app lol :laughing:

That’s making up excuses

You went from GO to FLY easily (I presume)

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honestly, I’ve not played with FLY to much, I always fly the Mini in full auto mode and haven’t used the Quick shots or Pro camera functions.

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… so …

… sorted!


They are going to twist your mind until your brain is like a coiled spring Steve :rofl: