Air Data and Battery Maintenence

Have always just charged batteries, states about deep cycling , draining to 8% ??

Call me a geek but I follow all their drone and battery service schedules in full :nerd_face:

All part of the fun / hobby, right? :smiley:

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Well that’s just what I will do when drained, 2 are overdue so will do them first thanks for reply 8% here we go :+1:
Running motors with fan on drone ? Is that ok, no props on of course

The motors will only be “on tickover” if you’re not airborne. I usually just hover at three feet in the back garden :+1:t2:

Yes going to do that next time, now I know what to do, did not have a clue about this until got airdata,
All the gear No Idea :crazy_face:


Battery’s are the bane of my life.

Even said to the kids 48hrs ago don’t charge anything new (chromebooks airpods) until I’ve seen the level.

Totally ocd battery geek


Ok guys have a question;
Airdata shows my previous MP which I sold
To save confusion etc, can I delete it but save my flight hours or do I have to delete all ?

All my old drones are still in AirData, I just mark them as non-operational and they go shaded out.

Do both your old and new MPs have the same name? :thinking:

Not sure where the confusion is :blush:

Where do you mark them as non operational please

No they don’t

Found it :+1: now not operational thanks @PingSpike

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You could always rename the old (now non-op) one too?

Mavic (SOLD)

Or something :man_shrugging:

Done exactly that Rich :+1:

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