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Does the Mavic Air require the Mobile phone to be conected to a net work during flight, or is wi fi connection good enough, I would like
to fly with a dedicated Mobile but not to connect it to a net work.

No mate, a mobile network is not a requirement to fly.

Provided you’ve already activated the drone when you got it and that you don’t need live maps, or don’t need to sync your flight records, etc.

an add on to stormins question does using a net worked phone use up data or increase network charges in any way.As you can tell by the question I am not a smart phone person,would I be O.K. with a pay as you go

It’ll use some data. Probably not that much though, background map tiles are only small. Flight records are even smaller.

Just don’t install any updates :smiley:

Thanks guys for that, just trying to Eliminate the issue of receiving a call or wotz app while mid flight.

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Not sure what you mean when you say “just don’t install any updates” ,can you clarify, please.excuse my ignorance

Sure thing.

My thoughts there were that let’s say you owned a Mavic Pro and DJI decided to release a firmware update that weighed in at 820MB.

A PAYG tariff on a 500MB data limit may not be too happy about that :blush:

Thank you, guess it’s time to look at phone contract, am I right in assuming the initial set up of a new mavic would require a high data limit.

On my HS 100 I run a cheap Tesco mobile, it had a 10 pound sim card that I had to buy with it’s own number, I have never used it as a phone only to fly the drone and have never paid anything more into Tesco’s coffer’s, it works well and was hoping to do the same with my Mavic Air.

Data usage since November 2018

You’ll see Litchi is a bit hungrier but I have used live streaming from it


Thanks, Norm I remember you mentioned your mentioned your tesco mobile when we met, I’ll get in touch when my Air buying progresses a bit further, soon I hope

No probs look forward to it.