Airdata HD App question

I see mention of the Airdata UAV service on the threads. Anyone use the iOS App? Dies it give you much more than the DJI flight records?



You don’t need an app anymore mate, everything runs through their website :+1:

It also has the added advantage of showing both Litchi flights and GO4 flights in the same place - useful!

If I started to list all the info Airdata provides, I’d still be replying to this thread in two days time :smiley:

Check out the GADC members discount mate:

And they do a free version too :+1:

Rich, are you still using Airdata mate? How does it work with offline modded GO4?

Thanks guys, will give it a try

How do they get info from a drone? Do I have to provide them my GO4 account details?

I’ve use Airdata with a modded GO4 all the time, but I’ve not tried an offline GO4.

I’m guessing it would simply find no new flight records? :thinking:

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I wonder if you can upload them manually. It’s making me wonder if I have any flight records at all. My app shows as if I’ve never flown.

Have now registered for free version and the airdata app simply uploaded the info from GO4 - very simple

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Yes, you can.
Albeit I have from genuine Go4, but the flight log files are easy to locate (Android) and you can drag/drop on the website.
I used different devices on holiday, last year, but backed up the whole DJI folder each time. All the files needed are in \DJI\dji.go.v4\FlightRecord.

I can’t imagine the modded Go4 does anything different to this - unless specifically modded to not log flights. …… :thinking: why would anyone?

Only using free, atm, limited to 100 “flights”. Go4 creates a “flight” log every time you switch the MP on …. even if only to check something … a tad annoying there’s no “exclude logs where I don’t even take off!” option … there are SO MANY! #EternalTinkeringTweakingCheckingThingsOutOnAWetWindyDayEtc.

It’s no biggy to weed out the zero flight ones … one of the views shows flight time. Also - thought FlightData was having a laugh when GoogleMaps said “Sorry we have no imagery here.”
But it turned out it autozoomed to my sofa …. :stuck_out_tongue:
These I’ll delete to keep within 100.

USEFUL … there’s thumbnails of the last 4 photos/video taken which makes identifying a flight really useful.

My only complaint with AirData is that there’s not a simple subscription/purchase that’s the basic free version features, but with more than 100 flights. I don’t need all the other features and, in any case, I can’t justify (afford, whatever) the other subscriptions. I only have one drone. I only have one pilot. Etc.

PS: Yes, I know we have GADC discount and I know there’s something off for having bought Litchi … but MONTHLY SUBS? I’d prefer something like a one-off purchase … even £20. I’m sure they’d massively increase their income for other hobbyist who similarly cannot justify the current feature/price structure.

Edit: I shall contact them on the two issues (a) simple one-off purchase for basic features but LARGE number (unlimited?) flights, and (b) auto-exclude/auto-delete for zero flight time logs.

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Oh - yeah - another AirData mini-gripe … I’d love an app that can display what the web UI gives us. I’ll add that wish to my contact with them.

Perhaps that could be something available only to non-free accounts.