AirData question


Can you un-group a group? Or add another flight to a group?

I missed one flight out and want to add it.



Click a single flight to highlight it, then click Actions at the top, then Group/Ungroup flights, then choose the group you want to add it to:



Ah! Got it. Thanks!


With subscription, do you get Group stats? Distance, max speed, etc?
Don’t with the freebie.


I’ve never created a group…

Give me 10 mins and I’ll find out :slight_smile:




I think they’re missing a trick on that one.

I’ll post on their FB and see if there’s any plans.

Would be good to gets stats for several flights … in a day, for instance.


Can you also remind them it’s 2019 now and that 2001 want their website design back?

Don’t get me wrong, I love AirData, but their front end is soooo dated!


There’s always #IIWDFI :wink: