"All Rivers Great and Small" Drone footage

During the making of “All Rivers Great and Small” we used Drone/Ariel shots quite a bit. This is a compilation of some of the shots from the mouth of the river Wharfe at Cawood, to its source at Beckermond’s high in the Dales; that shows the many different faces of the river Wharfe along the way. Please share as we would like to start building interest for the programme, and make sure you subscribe to YouTube channel to see more footage. We start filming on the river Ure in March.


Looks great ! When will the programme air ?

Probably end of the summer at a guess. We still have another three episodes on the river Ure to do yet. We are showing a couple of clips in the next few days with the drone footage in between the standard footage, so look for the premieres on YouTube. Some clips we will show wont have drone footage because we couldn’t fly in those areas for one reason or another. Going down the Ure is a bit less constrained as it isn’t next to Leeds/Braford Airport as the section on the Wharfe was for quite a bit of its length…

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Looks interesting I’ll try to look out for the show.