Allotment and BMX community project in north Hampshire

Just a quick effort while out on a very windy and cold cycle ride.
Drone got up to 42 mph and handled the windy conditions without real issue.


Nicely done. Definitely looks more like a MTB pump track than a BMX facility, but it’s good the council are putting land like that to good use. Over in Rhyl, N Wales, they did a similar thing when the landfill tip was full, they built a road course and MTB track on top of it, and a bit of a nature reserve.

I see no reason why the council couldn’t use portions of your footage to promote the facility. I’d be sending them a link if I were you! Good Drone PR too.

Cheers - Rob.

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Ahh, you’re right, MTB track…couldn’t think of anything other than BMX!
Cheers Rob, I think I’ll revisit and fly with more attention to possibly approaching the local councils

Thats some bike corse looks a amazing place well filmed :+1:

Cheers, often driven past the entrance but had no idea they had created the tracks and the ongoing allotment development.
Will return and try and do better sometime, there are some sizeable lakes there too which would be good to capture on film.