Almost lost another Mavic!

I was flying over water a couple of days ago (see latest fish farm video) with the Mavic Zoom and decided not to wait for the battery warning for once. Flew back along the same route I went out and when it was almost home it stopped at about 20’ from the shore, as if sensing an obstacle.

I always switch the sensors off when I’m flying over water and especially this time because I was sitting under some low trees right on the edge of the water and I knew I was going to have to come in very low, about 5’, under the trees.

OK, so I then took my hands off the sticks and it shot up in the air. I brought it down again but the down stick was the only thing working, I also saw that the app had crashed. Couldn’t go forwards or backwards or turn.

It was still over the water so I waded out, up to my waist. Tried to bring it low enough to reach but it wouldn’t come down lower than about 8’. What to do?

The only way i could hover was full down stick, I was desperate to keep one hand free to catch if necessary so couldn’t restart the app. I guessed that it had gone into RTH and was trying to go up to 60’ but there was nothing showing on the screen. Eventually, without warning, it just started to land slowly and I caught it about 3’ above the water. Phew!


Nothing personal Andrew but I’d crossed you off the list of people I’d trust to fly one of my drones a coupe of years ago.

I’m sure you’ll understand :wink:

However, I’m just going to go over those pencil lines with some kind of permanent marker now I think :rofl:


That’s a bit Rich, Rich! :joy: I think I coped extremely well in the face of overwhelming odds and extreme system failure!

If you’d seen my return home in the later Mini 2 session you’d be handing out extra badges. I was sitting down, hiding in the trees so had to come in at 5’ over the water and under the branches for a perfect hand catch.

I’m deeply hurt by your lack of confidence. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: