Also Disheartened


Hi all.
I’ve had my Spark nearly a year. Always used the NATS app and respected others. I live in Crawley next to LGW so have to travel to fly.
I work in London and that’s just a no go area.
At the moment around me the word “Drone” is a bad one. I’m either spying on people or trying to crash planes !! I’ve researched the South East but keep hitting council, National trust, residents committee by laws excluding drones. Don’t think I’ll bother much more with it. Sorry it’s got so difficult to fly in the South East. So any uplifting help gratefully received. Ta Hegs


I live Surrey London boarders there is quite a good few places to fly not to far from you nothing to stop you flying over nat trust just dont take off land on it you have a lot of the south coast to fly loads in kent
as Norman Stanley Fletcher in Porridge used to say “dont let the bastards grind you down”


The thing to remember is, the various killjoy groups do not own the air, the CAA does, and they set the rules. It sounds like you’re a very responsible and considerate flyer, so as @scorps says, if you don’t “trespass” on the killjoy’s land you’re golden.

I find the more research I do at home beforehand on Google Maps & Street View, the better. I try and make a flight plan about where I’m going to park, where to fly from, the flight paths (if possible) to get the best shots, etc, basically anything I can pre-plan that helps me give maximum concentration whilst flying and on my surroundings.

It does take effort though to ensure the best outcome - wouldn’t it be nice if you could just go out and have fun without the hassle? Oh well, we can always dream. Persevere my friend, chin up and good luck.


Let me know if you’re near Hampshire and I’ll show you some spots! Otherwise book a weekend in Scotland and go nuts!!! Keep with it!!!


I’ll fly with you and get your spirits up. Yes there are Killjoys out there and yes drones seem to be the latest new thing that the Daily hate Mail likes to rant about but…

  1. The drone code is actually not too bad and pretty easy to abide by. There’s loads of places to fly only a short drive from anywhere in the UK. I live near Southend Airport and am used to calling them up and getting clearance out of courtesy. It’s no dramas.

  2. there are plenty of places to fly that the council don’t control and speaking as a police officer it’s unlikely that any call from a council official moaning about a drone flight would be enforced. If you fly within the drone code and aren’t breaking any bylaws there’s no real enforcement structure I’m aware of yet.

  3. Don’t give up because a bunch of old gits and wanky knobheads (like the Gatwick thing or the fool on the severn bridge) spoil it. Use google earth and found some spots, get a bunch of batteries and get top there.

Have a look at my instagram feed or my videos i post on here…there are places to fly and by and large the people I have met whilst lout are friendly and interested. The few who want to be stupid have met knowledge of what I can and cannot do and then they have left me alone. Don’t give up.