Altering your drone characteristics

As a person who accepts and tries his best to comply with our regulations, that allow us to fly pretty well freely where it is safe, I am somewhat surprised that the organisation seems to support loopholes that may exist in order to exploit areas that would become unsafe. The regulations are there for a purpose and in the long run, this will end up curtailing the enjoyment of most flyers. That is just my opinion and may be that of many others.


By “regulations”, do you mean The Drone and Model Aircraft Code?

If so, there is nothing in those regulations that prevent you from turning LEDs on and off on the legs of your DJI drone, or enabling support for third party batteries, or preventing your flight logs and other personal data from being sent to China, or disabling DJI DroneID broadcasts (not to be confused with Remote ID), or adjusting tilt angles, or increasing GPS location / accuracy performance, or, or, or…


I am only interested in safe flying, nothing else and the rules, regulations, call them what you want are there for a purpose. If you want to change them, then there is a proper way of going about it, and it’s not by hacking into systems. If what you are suggesting, such as removing the altitude limiter, enhances safe flying, then good luck. However I personally don’t think that is a good safe idea.

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I’ve moved your posts in to a new topic as they’re not related to the discount code topic itself.

The 500m ‘limiter’ that all DJI drones can be set to out of the box

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What about a self build its free to do what you want

As it’s only DJI that lock their drones down so much that they need to be modified by their owners, please enlighten us on the “proper way” to turn off the LEDs on the legs of your drone or to enable extra satellite network support, or to…, etc?

We’re always keen to share information and new techniques here, it’s what our hobby is all about :smiley:


I think he’s maybe referring to the FCC hack. Thing is even with the FCC hack, you can still fly within the drone rules. The only rule this might break is OFCOM rules on transmitter power, but it certainly doesn’t break any drone rules :wink::wink:

No, he states that it is unsafe, the FCC hack makes the drone safer


I never said it didn’t make it safer or unsafe. I only said the only rules the hack might break are OFCOM’s rules.

… and something DJI failed to correct on the Mini 3 Pro. Mini 4 Pro is much improved with external antennae on the controllers and basically confirms that DJI got it wrong to delete them on the Mini 3 Pro. The FCC hack most certainly makes the Mini 3 Pro a safer drone :+1:


You said he was referring to the FCC hack, I said he wasn’t as he is on about the hacks making the drone unsafe, which it isnt

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Whatever jeeeez :roll_eyes:

Let’s not let the facts get in the way :+1:

Who exactly is “the organisation”?

FCC hack example:

I fly inside working factories with lots of wifi, bluetooth, noise from motors, inverters etc. Without the fcc hack I can not fly at all in these places. I am inside, so CAA rules do not apply, I have permission from factory owner and risk assessment carried out before flight. Operatives informed, no overflight of people. Only risk is to me crashing my drone into a big machine.

ps, you might also want to have a read of
Terms of Service - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK which lists GADC code of conduct. At no point is there any mention of support for any illegal activity.

And my most favourite rule…ever


If people want to modify the settings on their drones they pay their money and make their choice, it doesn’t mean that they intend to fly unsafely. Think of it as a bit of customisation.

Just because I stick some go-faster stripes on a car it doesn’t mean that I will drive less safely.


Although using the term “go-faster stripes” does rather place you in a demographic which may imply certain driving characteristics. :rofl:


I’m actually moving into the demographic where everyone else on the road is clearly a maniac. :wink:


Ahh yes, driving back from Scotland last weekend, I saw many instances of bad driving. Tailgating, speeding, middle lane hoggers, cars undertaking, late exiters going from the outside lane to the exit lane at motorway speed in less than 100 yds.

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I do leave my limiter set as for 400 feet however if you are wanting to fly above a hill near you that you know to be at least 100 feet above your take off point I see no reason not to make allowance for that.