Am I changing packs way sooner than I need (LiPo FPV cell voltage habits)


I’ve just started the hobby with the 2s/3s, 3 inch prop, bind and fly DarwinFPV Baby Ape.

I’ve never used LiPo batteries before so I’m leaning on the cautious side with how I treat them, but I wonder if I’m switching packs way earlier than I need to. I stop when I’m down to a steady 3.5V steady just hovering, but that means when I get back in and check them they’re usually all back up to storage voltage, which struck me as probably not normal even if it is kind of convenient! I’m not sure if it might just be how it is when you fly with tiny (380 - 550mAh) packs, or if I can keep flying until I’m hitting 3.5V when I’m doing a bit more than hovering.


Sounds good to me.
Lipos will hang around 3.6 to 3.8 for quite a while, then you start to see them drop off quickly and sag a lot, even in gentle moves. That’s the critical point to land.

2s to 3s is weird… different from 4s and above.

As long as you don’t go below 3v you should be ok. It’ll stay in the 3.5v area for a long while.

So today we flew until the voltage dropped below about 3.3v and then landed. It bounced back to 3.7v after resting. So all good.

Find what you are happy with…

I had this exact question today too. Flying 2, 3 and 4S today. Does stay around 3.5 for AAAAGEs and the OSD moans at you. But then I’m in to storage and they all on 3.7. I know there’s load on it, but still… Maybe I’ll change me OSD to moan at 3.4. I have once or twice been caught by the dreaded drop off, but what you’re doing sounds about right. I actually got 6.5-7mins out of the tinyape on 2S and a 5inch on 4S though was plane chasing which isn’t taxing on the battery

I think its the higher internal resistance of the smaller mAh packs that tend to be used in 2 or 3s. You get more voltage drop as a result.

And the reduced thrust to weight ratio

Don’t go below 3V except in a punch or don’t go below 3V ever?

Thanks guys that’s all good to know. Yeah I did notice my IRs were way higher than most places online say a healthy pack will have but I was ignoring it to see if they settle down after some cycling.

And since I’m flying very timidly still at this point I reckon I’m totally safe to set my warnings down to 3.4 too.

heh, well then you’ll want 3.4. Seems the default BF settings (at least in 4.3RC6), are to beep all the damned time with those warnings. I was punching out with 3.5V today. I wouldn’t ever let it drop below 3 though. If you going 3.5 to < 3 on a punch out you gone too far, and land :slight_smile:

TBH batteries are nearly a consumable item like props when you push hard! Actually this is the first time out the last 4 outings I haven’t destroyed a battery!. Just make sure at storage within a day of getting back (I do mine when get it, and TBH today was storage a lot of them in the field before came back!)