Am I the only one sick of constant DJI updates?

I’m no Luddite. I embrace tech in all its forms.
And I understand the need to keep my drone updated with the latest features.

But it seems that every time I go out to fly I have to spend 30 minutes downloading firmware updates and faffing about with settings before getting airborne. Am I being unreasonable? Or is anyone else fed up with the rate of updates? If they kept it to once a month or something I could cope…

Yeah, it does my :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: tree in too!!

I think it was only a couple of weeks ago when they released two GO4 updates in the space of 3x days - WTF DJI?!

But now you have me wondering… I’ve not flown for about three weeks due to the sodding weather, I probably have more updates that need installing :roll_eyes:

You can see why people pick a firmware version (.700?) and just stick with it forever eh :slight_smile:

Yeah, I haven’t updated in a while either, mainly due to weather.

But last time I flew, it flew fine, so will probably not update yet for a while.

this is why i purposely turn my mavic on the day before I want to fly to check for updates…

but yes. It is annoying lol

I don`t update. simply because my controller failed with update straight out of box and I needed to send it back
.900 works well for me

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