Amazing what you spot sometimes

I noticed this last night when looking at the video from my son’s Nazgul FPV - it wasn’t clear what it was so I went back today with the Mini 2 to check…

I went prepared with a long stick, just in case, so after a little bit of tree climbing…

It has a camera, with an SD card in it, so I had to see if there was anything on it to help identify the owner - fortunately they’d flown it in their garden and I recognised the type of house so was able to locate where they live. I’ll drop it off next time I’m passing - even though it is totally knackered after spending a long time outside they may be happy to see it.


Good man


Nice one. Got one of them syma when I first started messing with drone. Bit crap really ended up smashing the field floor more often than not :rofl:.


Yep syma was my first. Had it a week and knew I was hooked. Up graded to an Aosema CG035, had that a month upgraded to a cheerson cx20 which taught me arducopter so took it apart changed th fc, the rx, the motors, the tx, the GPS, then built a Taro

I too had one of those ,it was good fun until the wind got it ,then it was off.

Did you manage to get the drone back into the hands of its owner, @MartG1960 ?

Not yet - not been back that way since recovering it

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Well the mystery deepens…

I took the drone back to the house I identified from the video on its SD card, but the occupants denied any knowledge of it. They agreed that it was their garden in the video when I described it to them, but it wasn’t their drone.

They have lived there for 5 years, and the drone looks newer than that, so it remains a mystery :frowning:


How strange!

Do the images or video have any meta data showing when they were taken?

No - that’s the first thing I checked. No date data :frowning:

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