Amazon 64GB micro SD £6.49 - Cyber Monday deal


I was in Japan last month and needed a new SD card… 10x the price of the UK, £250 for 128GB sandisk pro… obviously I decided I didn’t need one that much :slight_smile:

£28 in Japan.

Not in BIC electronics…

Thanks for finding this bargain
Just ordered one :+1:

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What is better, a Class 10 U1 or a U3? The U3 ones don’t have a Class rating.

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Thanks Dave. I must file that somewhere so I don’t need to ask again! Cheers.

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This is worth knowing too …


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Since were doing images :wink:

The V60 and V90 cards are UHS-II which have extra pins to give the higher bus speed.

Our drones only support UHS-I so any higher than a U3 V30 is a waste of money.

For the Mavic 2 you need a U3 / V30 card.

Cant remember for sure if original MP worked with a U1 card. Seem to remember it coming with a U3 and threw up a slow card error when I tried a U1 in it.

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Done forget …

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The 128 I used in my MP was a U1 … no issues.

Edit: Of course … looking for my 128 to check it was U1 … I found the cards I bought 2018 Black Friday (and forgotten about) which is rather annoying. I bought some more last week. #duh

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Think a lot might come down to the brand as write speeds vary massively over the 10MB guaranteed minimum.

Going by the Amazon reviews for the U1 transcend one, crystal disk mark is giving write speeds of 40MB/s.

Mavic 1 bit rate is 7.5MB/s and Mavic 2 12.5MB/s.

I’ve had U1 cards that couldnt even maintain the guaranteed 10MB/s minimum.

I haven’t bought one but I did find this whilst on Amazon…Currently £7.50

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Regarding the original post of the Class 10 U1, In the light of all this info, why would you use anything less than a U3 in a Mavic 2?

I guess if you were just doing stills then maybe.


You shouldn’t.

A U3 is the minimum supported. Anything less flags up a slow card warning.

The specs on DJI site are a little confusing but by speed grade 3 they mean U3.


Supported SD Cards Micro SD™
Supporting Micro SD with capacity up to 128 GB and R/W speed up to UHS-I Speed Grade 3
Recommended microSD Cards 32G
Sandisk V30
Sandisk Extreme V30 Pro
Sandisk Extreme Pro V30
Sandisk Extreme V30
Sandisk Extreme Pro V30
Kingston Canvas Go!
Kingston Canvas React

I use a Scandisk Ultra 32GB U1 in my Mavic Pro with no worries.

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just got one of these for £18.99 in the Black Friday sale on Sunday, it hasn’t arrived yet, but was a good buy considering the price now £33.46. It will go in my M2P.

Yep I bought 2 of them, wish I’d got more now!